Mission 02-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When Nero and Nico get to a dead end end at Red Grave City, Nero states he should proceed by walking, Nico stops him and shows one of Morrision's letters.


Nico: That's it. No more wheels from here.

Nero: All right. Guess I'm walkin', then.

Nico: Yo yo yo, check it out.

Nero: What?

And this is?

Nico: From Morrison. I think it's his manifesto.

Nico: この先は車じゃ無理だな

Nero: だったら歩くさ

Nico: おっと! ちょい待ち!

Nero: 何だよ


Nico: モリソンから お手紙だ

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