Mission 02-Scene 08 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Nero arrives at the church and faces the Goliath.


Nero: Somebody call a doctor?

Goliath: Human... I wasn't expecting any survivors!

Nero: Sorry to disappoint ya... Hey, ya happen to see a guy around here, about this big, uses a cane? I'm supposed to meet him. Did you snack on him?

Goliath: Your a very precious sacrifice... Eating you would do me no good. I must have every last drop... to rule the king!

Nero: King? You? I don't know. I mean, you're a big guy and all, but you seem more like a knuckle-scrapping fart in the wind than anything else. No offense.

Goliath: Puny human... Do you know who I am? I shall show you...the wrath...of the mighty Goliath!!!

Nero: Cool trick! Hey, do you do parties?

Nero: 患者はどこだ?

Goliath: 人間… まだ生き残りがいたか!

Nero: 悪かったな 杖をついたヤツと 待ち合わせ中でね まさか 食ってねえよな?

Goliath: 俺が食うはずがないだろう 人間の血は大事な贄(にえ)だ 全ての血を捧げ… 俺は魔界の王となるのだ!

Nero: “王”? お前が? 確かにデカいけど―― それだけじゃ無理だ 他に特技あるか? ないだろ?

Goliath: 人間め! 思い知らせてやる!このゴリアテ様の 恐ろしさをな!

Nero: 特技は手品か 笑えるな

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  • This was one of the scenes included in Capcom's 2019's April Fools, where an Empusa replaced Nero's character model in multiple cutscenes.


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