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Mission 02-Scene 09 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


After Nero defeats the Goliath in battle, V appears and finishes him off, he explains to Nero about the demon tree, "Qliphoth" being its name. Afterwards, Nico arrives with her van and notices that the Goliath dropped something she could use to build a Devil Breaker.


Goliath: I must not be a place like this. The mine... I will rule the Underworld, not him...!

V: "I curse my stars in bitter grief and woe,

That made my love so high and me, so low."

Goliath: Why... Why are you...?

V: "Little wanderer," "hie thee home!"

Nero: Thought I was gonna have to pick you out of his...tummy teeth.

V: Pardon my delay, I was catching up on some reading.

Nero: Yeah... Looks like a real page-turner. So... You think Dante's still in there?

V: If Urizen defeated him, then I expect he's not much more than Qliphoth pollen by now.

Nero: A what...?

V: Qliphoth. It's a tree that grows in the underworld. It thrives on human blood, and those whose blood it sucks, well...

...Let's just say they don't turn out too well.

Nero: Well, in any case...we need to find out. If Dante's alive, we'll save him. If not, we don't.

V: Wait. First, we need to exterminate some Qliphoth roots.

Nero: V... What the hell are you?

Nico: I know, I know, I'm late. Shut it! The roads were all clogged.

Hey, you must be V, huh? Hey, you gonna get that?

Ding ding ding, right by your feet! I'm gonna make something amaaazing out of this.

Nero: Did you just sniff that? Do you have any idea where that's been?

Nico: Up your butt?

Nero: Focus on the mission.

Goliath: こんな所で死んでたまるか! 果実は俺の物だ! ヤツより先に俺が…

V: “我は嘆き そして悲しみ 自らの星を呪う”

“我が愛しき人を高め 卑しめた あの星を…”

Goliath: 何故だ! お前は…!

V: “迷い子よ…” “家へと帰れ”

Nero: 食われちまったと思ってたぜ

V: 遅れてすまない 本を読んでいた

Nero: へー… おもしろそー… で? ダンテはあの中か?

V: ユリゼンに敗れたのなら “クリフォト”の養分だ

Nero: …何の養分?

V: “クリフォト”だ 魔界に生える大樹… 人の血を養分とする 血を吸われた人間は――


Nero: ま 行ってみるか 生きてりゃ助けるさ

V: 待て まずはクリフォトの根を 駆除する必要がある

Nero: V(ブイ)… お前 何者だ?

Nico: 遅れてすまんな! 道が狭かった

お前が V(ブイ) か? 拾ってくれ

それそれ! 足元の! 傑作が生まれる予感!

Nero: よく嗅げるな 何か分かってる?

Nico: お前のクソ?

Nero: …作戦会議だ

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