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Mission 03-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


After reuniting following the battle with the Goliath, V, Nero and Nico make their plan on how to proceed.


V: I think we should split into two groups.

Nero: ...And cover more ground. Good idea.

Nico: Behold my genius. Cash first.

Nero: All the materials I collected for your little pet projects don't count for anything?

Nico: My brilliant, badass work is worth every dime, you know it.

Nero: Well, your quality control sucks ass, and you know that.

Nico: Or maybe don't let the demons smack you around so much?

Nero: Whatever...

Nico: I am truly gifted. It's a work of art!

Griffon: So you're an artist now, huh?

Nico: Yes I am. Got any questions, little chicken? My grandmother was called the ".45 Caliber Virtuoso"... Legendary gunsmith. I hope to be like her someday. An artist, and a lethal artisan.

Everything I create is art, whether it's a gun... Or a steel cook birds in. Any more questions? Huh? ...Little chickee.

V: I'll take my leave now. And if I don't see you along the way, I'll see you at the bottom of the Qliphoth.

Nero: Sure.

What're you gonna do?

Nico: I gotta shake the cobwebs out. I'll let you know. Hey, you got any more questions, better ask it now. I can't read minds... Well, yet.

V: 二手(ふたて)に別れるか

Nero: そうだな その方が早い

Nico: 天才の仕事だ 金を払え

Nero: 材料はこっち持ちで さらに金?

Nico: 一流の仕事には対価がいるのさ

Nero: すぐブッ壊れるくせに…

Nico: お前が無能だからだろ

Nero: もういい

Nico: これは もはや芸術作品だ

Griffon: 芸術家ぶっちゃって!

Nico: 文句あるか ヒヨッコ? 祖母は“45口径の芸術家”… 伝説のガンスミスだ 私もいずれそうなる 伝説の職人にな

私が作れば何でも芸術だ 料理用の鉄鍋でも芸術になる 反論あるか? …“鳥肉”ちゃん

V: 先に出発する 道が重なる場所か―― クリフォトの下で合流だ

Nero: 了解


Nico: 考え中… 決まったら教える 注文なら口(くち)で言えよ 心までは読めない …まだな

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