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Mission 04-Scene 08 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


With the Nidhogg defeated, the Qliphoth Root attached to it is destroyed, when the debris are cleared, Gilgamesh is spotted in the distance, as V is walking away from it, the demon starts shooting and a hole is broken on the ground, V falls alongside it.


Griffon: Okay, um, all right that's not good at all. That's not good.

Wait, where—where are you going? Are you running away? That, that's not a good sign.

V: I'm afraid that...that's a little bit more than I can take on right now.

Griffon: あー… あれはちょっと その… ヤバいか?

おいおい! マジで逃げんの? カッコ悪くね?

V: 無理だ 俺に勝てる相手じゃない

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