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Mission 05-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


V, who falls down the hole the Gilgamesh shot open, sees that there are Qliphoth roots underground as well, he and his familiars start making their way to clear the area off of the demon tree.


Griffon: We're alive, we made it! It's our lucky day, V! Let's go find a game of cards.

V: These Qliphoth roots... They're everywhere.

Griffon: Well, we ARE underground.

V: Then I guess we have some clearing up to do.

Griffon: And me without my garden shears.

Griffon: 危ねえトコだ! ツイてるな V(ブイ)!ポーカーでもする?

V: クリフォトの根だらけだな

Griffon: そりゃそうさ 地下だもんよ

V: ゴミ掃除が楽になった

Griffon: ホウキはねえけどな

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