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Mission 05-Scene 04 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


V encouters the Elder Geryon Knight.


Griffon: Malphas... Of course, more trouble. Not sure about that one, though. Never seen him before―

―not in the Underworld, anyway!?

Malphas: Search for the devil sword Sparda. You know where it is... He told me to leave it be, but I'm afraid it still concerns me. As long as there is a blood descendant of Sparda... I cannot take any chances.

Do you understand!? Find it, and destroy it! Only then will his reign be truly realized!

V: I see. I know what you are. Don't worry, I'll be gentle.

Griffon: マルファスだ ちょい面倒だな あっちは魔界で見たコト――


Malphas: 魔剣スパーダを探せ 貴様なら在り処が分かる あの方は“捨て置け”と だが私は気がかりだ スパーダの血族は まだ残っている 不安要素は消しておきたい

分かったか! 見付け出し そして破壊しろ! それでこそ… あの方の支配は盤石となる!

V: そうか 貴様の正体が読めた ならば―― 手心が必要か

Griffon: It's Malphas. It's a little troublesome. I'm unsure about the other one though. Not sure if-

-he was there in the Underworld! ?

Malphas: Find the magic sword Sparda. You know where it is! He said to "throw it away" But I'm worried Sparda's lineage is still there. I want to erase the anxiety factor.

Got it! Head for it and destroy it! Only then... will His rule will be rock solid!

V: I see. If I can read your true identity, do I need help?