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Mission 05-Scene 05 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When V defeats the Elder Geryon Knight in battle, the horse is killed but the rider is able to get away, V tries to chase him down but he stumbles and the path the rider takes is destroyed.

V takes a remain of the horse, and heads back to Nico. His next plan is to track the Devil Sword Sparda.


Griffon: V!

V: I'm fine... I must chase him. If the devil sword Sparda still exists, it may very well be our only hope.

Griffon: V, uhhh, think about this for a minute now. What will you do if you find it? You gotta be strong in mind and body to wield the Sparda, and you, sir, are neither. Hate to break it to you, but the Sparda will just be too much for ya.

V: For me, yes. But what of the boy... Nero?

Let's go. Once we are near the Sparda, even I should be able to sense its presence.

Griffon: V(ブイ)!

V: 問題ない ヤツを追う 魔剣スパーダがあれば 俺達の最後の希望となる

Griffon: マジで言ってる? 探してどうすんの? スパーダを見付けても お前にゃ使えねえ! 力(ちから)を失ったお前じゃ 持て余すだけだ!

V: 確かにそうだ だが俺達には―― ネロがいる

行くぞ スパーダに近付けば 俺でも在り処は分かる

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  • Nico's van will appear at the end of this cutscene regardless if the player did not call her prior to the boss fight.