Mission 06-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


After Nero rescues Lady from Artemis, he reunites with Nico on her van. Lady still hasn't woken up, but before they can take a real break, another demon appears...


Nico: Well, she ain't dead. Got a pretty smokin' body, though. Not that I was—barely even noticed.

You know, you should go do your thing. I got this.

Nero: Yeah.

What the hell?

Whoa... He's too big to leave alone. I better take care of it. Stay alert.

Nico: 命に別状なし しかし スケベな体だな 別に… 深い意味はないぞ


Nero: ああ


こりゃデカいな さすがに無視できねえ 用心しろよ

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  • Nico says "Yeah." at the end of this cutscene, however this line is not present in any of the subtitles in the game.


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