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Mission 06-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When Gilgamesh is collapsed, a hole breaks on the ground and V is shown to be underground. Griffon states that they have been helping Nero the whole time, but the two can't do any more than that as they have their own business to take care of.


Nero: What're you doing down there?

Griffon: You didn't think you did that all by yourself, did ya?

Nero: You know, I bet you taste like chicken...

Griffon: Oh, you ungrateful sonuva—

V: I'll leave this beast to you. I must press on.

Nero: Well... Guess it's just you and me, cockroach.

Nero: 何してんだ?

Griffon: 手助けしてたんだろ!

Nero: 鳥肉くせえと思った

Griffon: てめえ この…

V: 後は任せるぞ じゃあな

Nero: さてと ゴキブリ退治だな

Nero: What are you doing?

Griffon: You were helping me!

Nero: I thought you were chicken meat...

Griffon: You piece of shit...

V: I'll leave the rest to you.

Nero: Well, let's get rid of this cockroach.


  • In the game files for Devil May Cry 5, the Japanese line "アイツ、カエルの脚みてーな味だぜ、絶対。" is present within the text files of this particular cutscene, placed before Nero's "Well..." line ("さてと" in the Japanese version). This unused text also has no localization within the game files.