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Mission 06-Scene 04 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


With Gilgamesh defeated, Nico comes up and gives Nero the good news: Lady is awake, the two rendezvous at the van, not before Nico asks Nero to pick up a remain of Gilgamesh.


Nero: This thing's a root, too. What's going on?

Nico: Yo, Lady's awake. Got any questions for her, better make it fast.

Nero: All right.

Nico: Hey wait wait wait wait, we could use that. Pick it up.

Not that one, the other one.

Nero: — This One?

Nico: — Uhhh, next—next to it!

Nero: Come on, Nico. This one?

Nico: Sure.

Nero: コイツも根っこ… って事か?

Nico: レディが目覚めた 少し話してみるか?

Nero: そうだな

Nico: 待て待て! それ拾え!


Nero: これか?

Nico: と…隣! その横!

Nero: どれだよ? コレ?

Nico: …正解

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