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Mission 07-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Nico and Nero reunite at the van after Lady awakens, she is asked what happened to Trish and Dante after the battle with Urizen, and while Lady is able to remember what happened to Trish, she doesn't know if Dante is alright.

V arrives at the scene and gives the Elder Geryon Knight remain he was able to acquire to Nico. Nero and V then leave and head out to the nearest Qliphoth Root.


Nero: So what happened to him? And Trish? They end up like you?

Lady: Trish, she... She was captured. I remember that. But I don't know what happened to Dante.

Nero: Dammit.

V: You can't travel through here in a car.

Nero: Yeah, we know. We're just waitin' on you. There's only one way up that tree. Hang on, I'll get ready.

V: I'm glad to see you look so well.

Lady: You too, I guess...

V: I found these. If they're of any use to you, they're yours.

Nico: Wow! I can make something truly awesome out of this.

Lady: Shocker... Can we trust him?

Nero: Your guess is as good as mine. He might be useful, though. Enough talking, get some rest. You need it.

Nero: ダンテやトリッシュも 捕まってるのか?

Lady: 記憶にある限り… トリッシュはそうね ダンテは分からないわ

Nero: …そうか

V: 車はここまでだな

Nero: お前を待ってたんだ クリフォトは近い 出発の準備だ

V: 元気そうで何よりだ

Lady: …あんたもね

V: 拾っておいた 使えそうなら使え

Nico: 最高だ!また傑作が生まれる!

Lady: V(ブイ) を信用してるの?

Nero: さあね 使える間は利用するだけさ あんたはゆっくり休んでてくれ

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