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Mission 08-Scene 06 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


While Nero is fighting Urizen again, he is finally able to destroy his defenses and strikes the demon king for the first time. When this happens, Urizen emerges from his throne and disconnects with the Qliphoth roots attached to his body, their battle has only just started...


Nero: It's about time I landed somethin'.

Urizen: Weak mortal. Demon power does not course through your veins. Yet, you try...

How dare you strike ME!?

Nero: The hell...!?

Urizen: You will regret...being born useless and human.

I will show you... your worst nightmares!

I will give you... despair and death!

Nero: 一発入れてやった!

Urizen: 虫ケラめ! 悪魔の 力(ちから)も持たぬ分際で! よくも――

よくもこの俺に 傷を付けてくれたな!

Nero: 何だ!?

Urizen: 人間という無力な存在に 生まれた事を悔いろ

思い知るがいい 真の悪夢とは何かを

その悪夢の中で―― 絶望を抱き 朽ち果てろ!

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