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Mission 09-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Morrison visits Devil May Cry in order to give Dante a new gig - his new client, V, gives an introduction on the job.


Dante: You could've at least knocked, Morrison.

Morrison: Yeah, I could have. I got some good news and some bad news... Pick your poison, which you wanna hear first?

Dante: Just speak.

Morrison: Bad news it is! Lady Patty's feathers are all ruffled. See, she wants to invite you to her birthday party, but your phone is disconnected.

Dante: You're a smart one, Morrison. You notice the electric and water are out, too?

Morrison: I expected nothing less...

Dante: So what's the good news?

Morrison: Oh, I got a gig. Cash, up front.

Dante: Cash up front? This, I like. The water needs turning on, and those toilets need flushing.

Morrison: Water, gas and power... Comin' outta your cut. You're a real agency now.

Dante: Devil May Cry.

Patty: Dante, Dante! Do you have any idea how many times I've tried to call!? Like a zillion! Oh my God, tonight's my birthday party! Yeahhhh!! I'm turning 18! Not a little kid—

Dante: Okay, Morrison, I'll take you up on that gig. But ONLY if you can get me out of that hellish birthday party.

Morrison: Consider your RSVP declined. Meet your new client. Listen, I'm gonna find Lady and Trish. Bring them in on this.

Dante: What!? C'mon, you don't think I can handle this gig on my own?

Morrison: It's a big job... Big job, Dante. You're gonna need the help.

Dante: So what's your name?

V: "I have no name; I am but two days old..." Just kidding. You can call me "V."

Dante: Okay, V... Why don't you tell me everything about this job?

V: A powerful demon is about to resurrect, and we need your help, Dante.

Dante: Now that's a familiar tune... Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that exact same line?

V: This is...special.

Dante: Special? Okay, so what's so special about this one?

V: This demon is your "reason"... Your reason for fighting.

Dante: This demon got a name?

Dante: ノックしろよ モリソン

Morrison: そうだったな いい報せと悪い報せ…どちらを先にする?

Dante: どっちでも

Morrison: では悪い方から パティお嬢様がお怒りだ 誕生パーティに誘いたいのに 電話が繋がらないとさ

Dante: 電気も水道も止まってるからな

Morrison: …だろうな

Dante: いい報せは?

Morrison: 仕事だ 前金も頂いた

Dante: “前金”? そいつはイイ そろそろ便所を流してえ

Morrison: 水道ガスに電気代…払っといたぜ お前の取り分でな

Dante: “デビルメイクライ”

Patty: ダンテ? やっと繋がったわ! 何回かけたと思ってるの!? パーティは今夜だからね!18歳になるの! もう子供じゃ…

Dante: モリソン 仕事の話を頼む パーティ地獄から抜け出してえ

Morrison: 欠席と伝えとこう 今回の依頼人だ 俺はトリッシュとレディを 探さにゃならん

Dante: 待てよ 俺1人で充分だ

Morrison: 今回は大仕事だぜ ダンテ 人手がいる

Dante: まず… 名前でも聞くか

V: “名前などない 生まれて2日目だもの” 冗談だ V (ブイ) と呼んでくれ

Dante: 分かった V (ブイ) だな 頼みたい事は何だ?

V: 強大な悪魔が復活した 力を貸してくれ ダンテ

Dante: そのテの話にゃウンザリだ 肩透かしばっかりでな

V: 今回は… 格が違う

Dante: “格が違う”? どういう意味だ?

V: その悪魔はお前が――戦う“理由”だ


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