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Mission 09-Scene 05 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When V reaches the other side of the Alberton Graveyard, he spots the Devil Sword Sparda stuck on the building ahead, however, the Nobodies are still in the area and ready to fight.


Griffon: Whoa, this is some kind of ritual shindig, isn't it? You guys got the dance fever for Sparda, don't you? Whoa, easy on the dance floor there, partner.

V: I'll be taking that back. You know your endless worshipping isn't making the Sparda any happier.

Griffon: 何やってんだ アイツら? スパーダに捧げるダンス? お呼びじゃねえとよ 相棒!

V: あれは返して貰うぞ 貴様らに崇められては スパーダも不本意だろう

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