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Mission 09-Scene 07 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


V breaks downs the Qliphoth Root and finally obtains the Devil Sword Sparda, however he seems to be too weak to handle it. Meanwhile, Shadow spots a familiar face on the ruins of the Alberton Graveyard.


V: It seems this sword is still too strong for me...

Griffon: So close, though, so close. You got a lot of heart, kid, you really do, but you're a bit of a sissy in the strength department. Hey, hey, no offense, uh, you know.

V: That kid, Nero...he has the strength.

Griffon: It speaks!

V: Dante...

Griffon: I don't even have the words. I—He's alive, he's alive!

V: The devil sword Sparda was concealing Dante's presence.

Griffon: How does one friggin' guy have so much luck, huh!?

Uhh, V?

No no no, get a grip on yourself now, c'mon!

V: If only you could defeat Urizen... If only... No.

Griffon: V? No no no...

V: If only you never existed... Then I...!

Griffon: Don't do it, V! No no NO!

V: やはり俺には無理か…

Griffon: 惜しいトコだぜ “心”はあっても “力” (ちから) がねえ! 皮肉なもんだ! おっと… 怒らないでネ?

V: だがネロなら… 力 (ちから) もある

Griffon: どうした?

V: ダンテ…

Griffon: おいおい マジかよ! 生きてやがるぜ! 生きてる!

V: 魔剣スパーダが ダンテを守っていたか

Griffon: 運のイイ野郎だぜ なあ?

おい V (ブイ)?

ダメダメ! 落ち着こうぜ!

V: お前が敗れなければ―― 俺はこんな… いや…

Griffon: V (ブイ) よせよ…!

V: お前がいなければ! 俺は 今頃…!

Griffon: やめろ V (ブイ)! よせ!

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  • Before Dante is "stabbed", he opens his left eye and the reflection of V is seen on it, while on Prologue-Scene 07, Dante's right eye is opened and the reflection of Urizen is seen on it.