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Mission 10-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When Dante awakens, he has a flashback of when he was a child as Eva was protecting him from a demon attack.


Eva: Come here!

You need to hide, Dante. No matter what happens, you mustn't leave! I need to find Vergil. I promise I'll be back.

I know this is hard. You must listen to me. Be a big boy...a man, huh? If I don't return, you must run. By yourself, alone. You must change your name. Forget your past and start a new life as someone else. A new beginning.

Vergil!? Where are you, Vergil!?

Eva: こっちよ!

隠れてるのよ ダンテ 動いては駄目!バージルを探してくるわ

でも戻れないかもしれない… だからよく聞いて 私が戻らなかったら あなた1人で逃げるのよ そして名前も過去も捨てて 別人として生きるの いいわね?

バージル! どこにいるの?

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  • The explosive sound effect of the Kalina Ann was used at the end of this scene.