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Mission 10-Scene 02 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante finally wakes up after V almost stabs him, the two talk about their current situation.


Dante: For a second there I thought you were gonna shish kabob me.

V: I know how stubborn you can be. I thought it might be the only way to wake you.

Dante: What day is it?

V: The 15th...of June.

Dante: A month? No wonder I'm so stiff.

Griffon: Right, sunshine, now put a fire under it. We gotta get going, 'cause that annoying pimple Nero is making a beeline for Urizen. And if he gets there he's gonna—

Smashed like a bug!!

Dante: Hey, this is my gig. Leave Nero out of this.

V: If you could defeat Urizen...then I never would have dreamed of using that child. But much stronger than we ever could have imagined.

Dante: 危うく串刺しだ

V: こうでもしないと―― 起きそうもなかった

Dante: 今 何日だ?

V: 15日だ… 6月の

Dante: 1か月…? 体が硬いワケだ

Griffon: 急げよ オッサン! ネロはユリゼンのトコだ! だけど たぶん…


Dante: 俺の仕事だ ネロを巻き込むな

V: お前がユリゼンに勝てるなら あんな小僧に頼らない だがユリゼンの力(ちから)は… 俺の想像を越えていた

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