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Mission 10-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante follows V's orders and arrives at the Qliphoth, Morrison was able to get Lady and Trish to accompany Dante on his new job. However, V decides that he should step down and leave the rest to the trio.


Lady: Oh, it stinks in here.

Dante: I know, smells like hot garbage.

V: This is far worse than I thought...

Dante: There's no crime in turning tail, V. These things might be a little too much for ya.

V: You're right. I'll leave the rest to you.

Griffon: Wha, wha—what? Wh—Whoa, my, my, V. All the way down here, and turnin' tail, really? Huh?

V: One must always have an insurance policy.

Lady: Who was that guy? Can't believe he just ran...

Dante: No one special. C'mon, let's go clean up this garbage.

Trish: First come, first serve on the targets, right?

Lady: Music to my ears. Hurry up, Dante!

Dante: Guess I get to see it with my own eyes...

...if it really is you.

Lady: 嫌なニオイね

Dante: 掃き溜めだからな

V: これ程の 力 (ちから) とは…

Dante: 逃げたきゃ逃げろよ お前にゃ荷が重い

V: 悪いが そうさせて貰おう

Griffon: は? へ? おいおい V(ブイ) ちゃん? 待てよ! マジ逃げ? なあ!?

V: 保険を用意しておく

Lady: 本当に逃げるとはね

Dante: 気にすんな ゴミ掃除が先さ

Trish: 早い者勝ちよね?

Lady: 当然よ! お先に失礼!

Dante: 本当に“アイツ”なのか… 確かめなきゃな

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