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Mission 11-Scene 06 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante is able to defeat the Cavaliere Angelo, and as he slices it open, Trish is revealed to have been powering him up the whole time. Afterwards, V appears as Dante is leaving with his new motorcycle, when Trish wakes up, she starts questioning V about who Urizen really is.


Dante: Whoa, looks like I took in a little too much. You okay?

Trish: I've been better. Dante...that demon is—!

Dante: Don't even think about it. Just rest.

V: Dante!

Dante: Take care of Trish for me!

V: Dante, wait—!

Trish: Dante's left...

V: Yes... And I don't think he can win.

Trish: What was that demon, V? Where did it come from? Urizen is not a demon. I know that for a fact because I'm from the underworld.

My God, what are you, then?

V: It doesn't matter. I'm a shadow of my former self who lost everything. I will tell you the story of my birth.

Dante: 丈 (たけ) を詰め過ぎたな 大丈夫か?

Trish: …何とかね ダンテ あの悪魔は…

Dante: 気にせず休んでろ

V: ダンテ!

Dante: トリッシュを頼む

V: 待ってくれ!

Trish: ダンテは…?

V: 行ったよ だが勝てまい

Trish: そろそろ話して V (ブイ) あの悪魔の正体は? ユリゼンなんて 今まで聞いた事もないわ

それに… 貴方の目的は何なの?

V: 俺は何者でもない 全てを失った抜け殻さ 俺が生まれた理由を教えてやろう

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  • During TGS 2018, IGN posted a Dante gameplay video of Mission 11, the original video had the cutscene after defeat of Cavaliere Angelo, which spoils the fact that Trish was within the creature the whole time, IGN shortly after removed the video and reuploaded another without this cutscene.
  • This cutscene was censored in the PS4 version, but only in the west, the Japanese version remained unchanged. As of Patch 1.07, the censorship in this cutscene has been removed on the PS4.[1]