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Mission 12-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


V tells the story of his birth to Trish.


V: Suffering defeat after defeat, that man's body was reaching its limit. Breaking down. But he couldn't die yet. The man had a job that must be done: To defeat his twin brother.

Vergil: Dante...

"...heavy chain, that does freeze my bones around!"

V: In order to defeat his younger brother, he could only do one thing with the crumbling flesh and feelings. He needed to separate man from devil with the strength of the Yamato. And eventually, the man became a true devil.

V: 度重なる敗北のせいで その男の体は限界を迎えていた だが死ぬ前に 男には成すべき事があった それは 双子の弟に勝つ事…

Vergil: ダンテ…


V: 全ては弟に勝つために… 男は滅びゆく肉体と心を捨てた 閻魔刀(ヤマト)で自分の人と魔を切り離してな そして… 男は純粋な悪魔となった

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  • When Vergil stabs himself, he looks away from the picture of his family on the wall, that goes in contrast to the fact that Dante faces the picture during a later cutscene in Mission 12.