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Mission 12-Scene 02 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


V reveals his regrets to Trish.


V: I've tried to hold together my crumbling flesh with what little demonic power I have left, but... I'm approaching my limit. In separating and regaining my human soul, I've realized the gravity of the crime I've committed. I've realized how important everything was... Everything I've thrown away in my pursuit of power.

Trish: Is that why you went to find Dante?

V: Yes. Foolish. I thought maybe he could change my...maybe fix... Maybe right my wrong.

Tell me... Was this fool before you right?

Trish: I'm not your mommy, V. You're a big boy.

And you need to see this through. Dante's war.

V: 残された微かな魔力で 滅びゆく肉体を維持してきたが… もう限界だ 人の魂だけが残されて… 俺はようやく過ちに気付けた 力(ちから)のために捨てた物が どれだけ大事な物だったかを

Trish: それで ダンテに…?

V: ああ 愚かにもな ヤツなら俺の過ちを正してくれる… そう思ったんだ

俺は―― 間違っているか?

Trish: 私はママじゃない 自分で考えて

見届けましょう ダンテの戦いを

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