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Mission 12-Scene 05 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When Dante arrives at his old home, Griffon reunites back with him.

Dante reflects over how Vergil awakened his Devil Trigger by stabbing him with the Yamato, but what would the Rebellion do in that case?


Griffon: There you are!

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Hey! Hey, Dante!

Dante: The demonic power was activated in me once when Vergil lovingly jammed this through my chest.

I always wondered... Why did my father give me the Rebellion?

Griffon: Okay, what are you muttering?

Dante: Over the years, I've been stabbed and jabbed by a number of things. But who would've ever guessed...

Griffon: Have you lost your mind!? There's a demon to destroy! Kill yourself later! I'll help!

Dante: If the Yamato can separate man from devil... Then what about the Rebellion?

Griffon: Wow... You are...absorbing the Sparda!

Griffon: 見付けた!

おい どうした?

なあ! ダンテってば!

Dante: 俺が 力(ちから)に目覚めたのは… コイツで胸を刺された時だった

ずっと考えてた 何故 親父は俺にリベリオンを?

Griffon: おい… ナニ言ってんだ?

Dante: 何度も刺されてきたが こんな日が来るとはな…

Griffon: イカレてんのか 自殺とか! 魔王はどうすんだ!?

Dante: 閻魔刀(ヤマト)は人と魔を別つ だったら俺のリベリオンは…!

Griffon: マジか… スパーダと融合ってコト!?

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  • When Dante stabs himself, he keeps facing the picture of his family on the wall, that goes in contrast to the fact that Vergil looks away to the picture during an earlier cutscene in Mission 12.