Mission 12-Scene 06 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante was the demon who helped Nero, he had awakened his Sin Devil Trigger, and is ready to face Urizen once more.


Nero: It can't be? Dante, you son of a bitch... I knew you couldn't be killed that easily!

Hey, he's all yours. But don't let it become a habit.

Griffon: Win, Dante, win!

Urizen: Dante...

Nero: まさか… お前 ダンテなのか!? 死ぬワケねえよな…

だったら仕方ねえ 見せ場は譲ってやるよ

Griffon: 勝てよ ダンテ! 絶対に!

Urizen: ダンテ…!

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