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Mission 14-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Malphas is on V's way to Urizen, but at his state he cannot possibly do anything against the demon. When she notices him, V is terrified, but before she can get to him, Nero shoots at her back.


Malphas: If he reaches the fruit, it will all be over. Even Mundus failed to reign over the human world... Surely, we know he will not.

Griffon: Malphas! No way can we handle her, we don't have the strength!

V: I know. But we must get through this, somehow.

Malphas: Ahh, an intruder perhaps? I'm cooomiiing...

Malphas: 間もなく“あの方”が果実を喰らう ムンドゥス亡き今 人間界の支配は―― “あの方”が為すのだ

Griffon: マルファスか! ヤツと戦うのは無謀だぜ!

V: 分かってる 何とか やり過ごすしかない…

Malphas: どうやら ネズミが紛れ込んだな さあ 出ておいで…!

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