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Mission 15-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When Nero starts to make his way down the Qliphoth, he notices his Devil Breaker is in need of a refill. Nico suddenly appears with her van to help him.


Nero: Dammit, running a little low... Not gonna last much longer without a refill.

Nico: Hey, honey. Need assistance?

Nero: What the hell's your problem? You TRYIN' to kill me!?

Nico: If you wanna bitch, blame it on Lady. SHE's behind the wheel.

Okay, enough with the suspense. What do you need?

Nero: こりゃ厳しいな ずっと補給ナシかよ

Nico: ハニー 呼んだか?

Nero: 轢ひき殺す気か お前は!?

Nico:文句は運転手のレディに言えよ さあ それより注文は?

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  • One of the scenes in the E3 trailer comes from this one, in it, Nico is shown without her head gear.