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Mission 15-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


After Nero defeats Malphas, he reunites with V and the two make their way to the bottom of the Qliphoth where Dante is, however, V is weaker than ever as he seems to not even be able to stand up by himself.


Malphas: How do you have so much power left!?

Nero: You can come out now!

V: I guess I owe you one.

Nero: You should turn around. Your body's not gonna last much longer.

V: That, I cannot do. I must go!

Nero: Dammit, V. Don't push yourself. You need some rest!

V: I must where Urizen is.

Nero: Why!? Why the hell do you have to—

V: I beg you! This is my last request.

Nero: Fine. Dante's definitely gonna beat us there...

Malphas: どこにそんな力(ちから)が…!?

Nero: もういいぜ

V: …助かった

Nero: 引き返せよ その体じゃキツい

V: そうはいかない 行かなくては…

Nero: おい V (ブイ)!? 無茶だ 休んでろよ!

V: 俺を… ユリゼンの元へ…

Nero: そこまでして…

V: 頼む! 最後の頼みだ

Nero: …分かったよ ダンテは今 どの辺りだ…?

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