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Mission 16-Scene 02 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante arrives at the last level of the Qliphoth, just above where Urizen is located. However, King Cerberus guards the area.


King Cerberus: Leave at once! Only kings of the Underworld may enter these gates! You shall not pass!

Dante: Easy there, fella. Hey...I remember a stinky little pooch just like you.

King Cerberus: You insult me, foul-scented creature!

Dante: Looks like your master's got you on a pretty short leash. Come on, little puppy. I'll take you out for a walk, c'mon! Let's go!

King Cerberus: You have fought our kin in the past... But I am king of the Cerberus tribe! They were weak! But WE will feast on your flesh, and gnaw on your bones!

Dante: So, you're the strongest in the litter. Looks like we're gonna need a bigger leash. Come on!

King Cerberus: 立ち去るがいい! この先へ進めるのは魔界の王のみ! 貴様ごときは通せぬ!

Dante: おいおい… どっかで見たイヌ面(づら)だな

King Cerberus: 愚弄する気か この下等生物め!

Dante: 鎖が短すぎたかな? おいで ワンちゃん! 散歩だぜ! ほれ!

King Cerberus: 貴様 我が 眷属(けんぞく)を知る者か… 我こそは ケルベロス族の王!同胞の仇よ!貴様の肉という肉を喰い尽くし!骨まで たいらげてくれるわ!

Dante: ほう 確かにパワーはあるな 散歩も大変だ 来いよ!

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