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Mission 17-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


With Nero and a weakened V catching up to Dante at the bottom of the Qliphoth, V decides to tell the truth to Nero about who Urizen really is.


V: The truth is... I wanted to be protected and loved... But I was alone. My only choice was to survive.

Nero: V, you gotta rest.

V: Nero... I will tell you...everything. There is no demon named Urizen... Only a man who threw away his humanity, in an endless pursuit of power. He is Dante's older brother.

Nero: Dante's brother?

V: Yes. And his real name is... Vergil.

V: 本当は――俺の事も守って欲しかったんだ だが俺は1人で…生き抜くより他なかった

Nero: V (ブイ) 少し休め

V: ネロ…お前に真実を教えてやる ユリゼンなんて悪魔はいない ヤツの正体は力(ちから) を得るために 人の心を捨てた――ダンテの兄なんだ

Nero: ダンテの兄…?

V: そうだ 本当の名は――バージル

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