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Mission 17-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


As Dante defeats Urizen at the bottom of the Qliphoth, Nero and V arrive at the scene, with Nero fully aware that Urizen is actually Vergil.

When V gets on top of Urizen, he prepares to stab him, Dante starts running towards him-but it's too late, V and Urizen are reunited together, and Vergil reappears before Dante and Nero.


Nero: They're brothers? Why are they fighting each other?

V: To see one's justice through, a man must fight for it. Even if the one who stands before him is his kin.

Nero: That's ridiculous.

V: The brothers of blood disagree on the very reason of their existence. They must fight.

Nero: Dante!

Dante: You're late...just finishing up.

Nero: Is that really your brother?

Dante: I'm afraid so.

Nero: So he was behind all this. Your own flesh and blood.

Dante: Right again.

V: In the last throes of defeat, I see.

Urizen: You...

Dante: V, get back! Things are about to get really messy.

V: No! Please... Let me. I want to end this battle...with my own hands.

Do not struggle. For if you can't even defeat me, then you've already lost.

Urizen: I will not lose... Not to Dante... I need power... More power!

V: I know... We are one and the same, you and I. But you've lost me, and I've lost you. Yet we are connected by that one feeling.

"While thy branches mix with mine, and our roots together join."

Nero: What is this?

Dante: Vergil...!

Nero: 兄弟で殺し合ってるのか!?

V: 己の正義を証明するためには――家族だろうと戦う他ない

Nero: バカげてる…

V: もはや お互いの存在そのものが 戦う理由なのさ そういう運命なんだ

Nero: ダンテ!

Dante: 遅かったな もう終わりだ

Nero: アレが “兄貴”?

Dante: 一応な

Nero: あんたの家族が… 全ての元凶?

Dante: その通り

V: やはり 負けたな

Urizen: 貴様は…

Dante: V (ブイ) どけ そろそろトドメを刺す!

V: 待ってくれ…最後は俺自身の手で終わらせたい

無様だな もはや俺に抗う事さえ できないのだろう

Urizen: まだ… 負けていない… ダンテには… “力” (ちから) をくれ…! もっと “力”(ちから) を!

V: 分かるさ “俺”は“お前”だからな 俺達は ふたつに別れても―― その想いだけは繋がっていた

“汝が枝は我が枝と交わり 我らが根はひとつとなれり”

Nero: 何だ…!?

Dante: バージル!

Nero: Brothers killing each other?! What the hell is going on?!

V: In order to prove who is right, they have no choice but to fight.

Nero: That's ridiculous...

V: Now, their differing ideals of existence is the reason they fight. That's their destiny.

Nero: Dante!

Dante: it's too late now. It's over.

Nero: Is that your “big brother”?

Dante: Yep.

Nero: Is your family... the culprit of everything?

Dante: Exactly.

V: You lost after all.

Urizen: You...

Dante: V! Get away! I will finish him off!

V: Wait...I want to end it with my own hands.

It's unsightly. You can't even resist me anymore.

Urizen: I haven't lost yet... Not to Dante... power...! More power!

V: I understand, because "I" is "you".

“Thy branches will mate with mine, and our roots will be one.”

Nero: What… is this?!
Dante: Vergil!


  • "While thy branches mix with mine, and our roots together join." is said by V again during the Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 collaboration with Devil May Cry 5, at the ending cutscene of the story chapters.