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Mission 18-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When V and Urizen reunited back, the illusion within the Qliphoth faded away. Dante tries to battle Vergil, but he asks him to heal his wounds instead and uses the Yamato to get away.

Dante says he will take care of Vergil alone but Nero gets upset due to his need for revenge, however, Dante then tells him the truth about who Vergil actually is.


Dante: Ya got some pretty big cojones for comin' back. Just don't know when to give up, do ya!?

Get out of my way, Nero!

Vergil: Defeating you like this has no meaning.

Dante: C'mon, Vergil. Let's do this!

Vergil: Heal your wounds, Dante. Get strong. After that, we'll settle the matter.

Thank you, Nero.

Dante: Dammit!

Nero: If that's your brother, what happened to V?

Dante: He returned... to himself. Go home, Nero. This doesn't concern you.

Nero: Like hell! I lost my right arm because of him!

Dante: This is not your fight. I need to stop him, and that's all that matters.

Nero: I'm not gonna let you have all the fun, Dante!

Dante: You don't get it!

Nero: Lemme guess, I'm dead weight? You can shove that—

Dante: That's not it, Nero.

Nero: What is it, then!?

Dante: He's your father!

Nero: What!?

Dante: I had the feeling, the first time I saw you, but I just wasn't sure. And then I saw how the Yamato reacted...and I was certain. He's your father.

Now, he needs an ass-kicking... But I can't have you go kill your old man.

Nero: My father...?

Dante: 舞い戻ってきたのか 往生際が悪いんだよ!

どいてろ ネロ!

Vergil: 今のお前に勝っても無意味だ

Dante: うるせえ 来いよ!

Vergil: まずは傷を癒し 力を戻せ 勝負するのは その後だ

礼を言うぞ ネロ

Dante: クソが!

Nero: 今のが“兄貴”か? V(ブイ)は?

Dante: 帰ったのさ “自分”にな お前も帰れ 満足したろ

Nero: 右腕をヤられてんだぞ!?

Dante: 俺の獲物だ お前の出番はねえ

Nero: 俺だってやれる!

Dante: 駄目だ!

Nero: もう“足手まとい”じゃ…

Dante: 違う!

Nero: じゃあ何だ!?

Dante: お前の親父だ!

Nero: 何だって…?

Dante: 出会った時から予感はしてた お前が 閻魔刀 (ヤマト)と呼応して…確信したよ ヤツの息子だと


Nero: 親父…?

Dante: Have you come back?

Get out Nero!

Vergil: It's pointless to beat you now...

Dante: Come on, fight me!

Vergil: Heal your wounds first and regain your strength, then you'll fight me.

Thank you Nero.

Dante: Shit!

Nero: Is this your "big brother" now? Who is V then?

Dante: He's merged with Urizen. Go home Nero. This is my fight to finish.

Nero: Hell no! I got my right arm fucked all because of him!

Dante: I'm telling you, this is none of your concern!

Nero: I can do it too!

Dante: No you can't!

Nero: I won't let you fight him alone Dante!

Dante: I'm capable of doing this by myself! Vergil isn't who you think he is!

Nero: Then who is he?!

Dante: Your father!

Nero: What…?

Dante: From the moment we met, I had a hunch that you were related. But when the Yamato sword awakened... I'm convinced you're his son.

Even your fucking father--I won't let you kill him.

Nero: Father…?