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Mission 18-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


After Vergil's return, Dante reunites with the girls.


Lady: What? What's happening now!?

Trish: Oh God, I thought it was over!

Nico: This isn't good. We're gonna get dragged into this!

Trish: Dante! What happened?

Dante: My dumbass brother's back, and I'm gonna rip him a new one.

Trish: Vergil's—? How!?

Nico: Dante! Made it for Lady and she paid for it, so consider it a rental.

Lady: Hey, you can't just—!

Dante: Okay, okay, we'll take care of that later. Right now, you three get the hell out of here. I'm gonna go take care of old douchebag. Got a feeling this one's gonna be a doozy.

Lady: 何が起きてるの?

Trish: まだ終わってない…?

Nico: マズいぞ! 巻き込まれちまう!

Trish: ダンテ この状況は!?

Dante: クソ兄貴が戻ってきた

Trish: バージル? どうして…

Nico: ダンテ! レディのだが貸してやる

Lady: 勝手に…!

Dante: 喧嘩よりも逃げた方がイイぜ 今からクソと戦争だ さて どっちが勝つかな

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