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Mission 18-Scene 04 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante faces Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare on his way to the top of the Qliphoth.


Dante: Hey, guys where ya been? I thought you went back into Vergil. You're gonna wish you did.

Griffon: Oh, the wise guy Dante. We were spawned from Vergil's abominable thoughts. But you knew that already...

Dante: Come to think of it, I did know somethin' was off. Just like with my old brother.

Griffon: Well, we're merely the discarded thoughts from when he was Nelo Angelo. No longer bound in his consciousness. We're here now to kill you of our own free will. Liberating!

And kill you we shall, Dante. Us, not Vergil.

Dante: どうした?</n>バージルに戻ってねえな? そういう気分?

Griffon: よう 賢いダンテちゃん 俺達はバージルの負の記憶… 見覚えあんだろ?

Dante: 確かに そんな気もするな どっかで会ったか

Griffon: ネロアンジェロだった頃の記憶は もうバージルには必要ねえ 俺達は自分の意思でここにいる!復讐だ!

バージルより先に 俺達がお前を殺すぜ ダンテ!

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