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Mission 18-Scene 10 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Dante has a talk with Griffon after he was able to defeat all of V's Familiars at once.


Dante: Should'a known better. You got a good heart, but you're about as sharp as marble.

Griffon: Perhaps... But if you had even a little bit of trouble defeating us, imagine what Vergil can do to you. Go see for yourself. Us? This is our final flight... And the end of Vergil's nightmares.

Godspeed, Dante... You'll need it.

Dante: Rest in peace, little chicken. It's been a bash.

Dante: 分かってたろ お前らが勝てるワケがねえ

Griffon: …だよな だが俺達に勝てねえようじゃ バージルにはかなわねえ さあ 行けよ 俺達は… これで消えるとするぜ バージルも悪夢とサヨナラさ

達者でな ダンテ… 弱虫ヤロー…

Dante: じゃあな トリ頭 ありがとよ

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