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Mission 18-Scene 11 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


As the girls are fleeing the crumbling Qliphoth, they find Nero on the way. When Nero jumps into the van, they start talking about Vergil and confirming that he is Nero's father, while also stating that he should leave with them and let Dante take care of it all. This enrages Nero, who then jumps off the van.


Nico: Nero, jump in!

Nero: Where's Dante!?

Trish: He's got this. We gotta go, now!

Nero: So this guy Vergil, you know him?

Trish: Vaguely, yes.

Nero: Dante said that guy's my father... What the hell's going on, Trish!?

Trish: His logic is sound... I had a hunch myself.

Nero: This doesn't make any SENSE!

Trish: I know you hate Vergil, but you can't kill your own father.

Lady: It's true. You'd never recover from that.

You saved us, you should be proud. Now you can put all this behind you—

Nero: Nico! Stop the car!

Nico: No chance! After all this, are you insane!?

Nero: Fine, I'll go by myself!

Lady: Nero!

Nico: ネロ! 乗れ!

Nero: ダンテは!?

Trish: 後は彼に任せて!

Nero: バージルを知ってるか?

Trish: 多少はね

Nero: 俺の父親ってのは本当か トリッシュ!?

Trish: そうね 私もそう思ってた

Nero: 何だよ それ!

Trish: 貴方に父殺しをさせたくないの

Lady: そうね… 貴方の一生の 枷 (かせ) になるわ

貴方は命の恩人よ それだけで充分…

Nero: ニコ! 止めろ!

Nico: 止まったら死ぬぞ! アホか!

Nero: いいさ 勝手にやる!

Lady: ネロ!

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