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Mission 20-Scene 02 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Nero, who has awakened his real Devil Trigger, arrives at the top of the Qliphoth just in time to stop the fight between his father and uncle. He's come all this way to put an end to this endless battle.


Vergil: This is...curious.

Dante: Nero?

Vergil: What form of power is this?

Dante: What the hell?

Nero: This ends, right here.

Dante: Listen to me. I told you already, this is not your—

Nero: You listen, dead weight. I won't let you kill each other. There are other ways of settling your differences. I'm putting a stop to this sibling rivalry.

Vergil: Ahh, you came all this way just for that.

Nero: Vergil...V...whatever you call yourself... Dante's not gonna die here, and neither are you. Do you have a problem with that?

Dante: "Not gonna die," my ass. That bitch slap nearly killed me.

Vergil: If I beat Nero... Then by default, I beat you. Agreed, Dante?

Dante: Whatever. I don't really care. I'm just gonna sit this one out.

Nero: When this is over, I'll make you submit... Father.

Vergil: …どういう事だ?

Dante: ネロ…!?

Vergil: この力(ちから) は 一体!?

Dante: マジかよ…

Nero: 後は俺がやる

Dante: 何度も言わせんな お前には…

Nero: 聞けよ “足手まとい” 殺し合うな 他に方法があるだろ 俺が このクソ喧嘩を止める

Vergil: そんな理由で ここまで来たか

Nero: バージル…? V(ブイ)…? どっちでもいいけどよ ダンテは死なせねえ… あんたもだ 文句あるか?

Dante: “死なせねえ”? …死にかけたぜ

Vergil: ネロに勝てば―― お前に勝ったと言えるな ダンテ?

Dante: 好きにすりゃイイさ 俺は休憩だ

Nero: 負けたら言うコト聞けよ …親父

Vergil: …What is this?

Dante: Nero...?!

Vergil: What is this power?

Dante: Seriously...

Nero: I'll do the rest.

Dante: Don't let me repeat that to you...

Nero: Listen, don't kill each other, there's another way to settle differences. I'll stop this fucking fight.

Vergil: Is that why you came all the way here?

Nero: Vergil…? V...? It doesn't matter which one, but I can't let Dante die... you too Do you have any complaints?

Dante: "Don't let me die"? …Bitch, I almost died.

Vergil: If I beat Nero— can I say I beat you, Dante?

Dante: Do what you like, I'm taking a break.

Nero: Listen to what I say when you lose … Dad.


  • Dante can be seen laying down on the ground during Mission 20.