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Mission 20-Scene 03 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Nero defeats Vergil in battle, when he mentions the Demon World is taking over, the sons of Sparda finally reach an agreement and decide to go to hell to cut the root of the Qliphoth, Nero cannot accept this as that will mean the two will be stuck in hell, however, he cannot stop them.


Vergil: Interesting...

Dante: Oh, brother. You cut off your own son's arm for more power, and you still lost.

Nero: Enough, dammit! The underworld is taking over, and we need to do something before it's too late.

Dante: He's right. We need to close that portal.

Hey, you lost, so you better do what he says.

Vergil: I can still fight. But if those roots continue to spread through town, it'll just interfere with our business.

Dante: Now, that's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say. Better hurry up... We still got a score to settle.

Vergil: Evidently.

Nero: Wait, where are you going?

Vergil: We need to sever the Qliphoth roots from the underworld itself. Then, we'll seal the portal with the Yamato.

Nero: Hang on, if you do that, you can't come back.

Dante: Why do you think I'm goin'? Somebody's gotta keep an eye on your old man.

Nero: You can't just expect me to stay here while you both go—

Dante: It's because you're here we can go. We're trusting you with things on this side, capisce?

Vergil: Make haste, Dante.

Dante: Yeah, I know.

Nero: Hey, wait!

Dante: Take care, Nero. Adios.

Vergil: I won't lose next time. Hold onto that until then.

Nero: Idiots...

Vergil: なるほどな

Dante: おやおや… 息子の腕まで斬って負けるかね?

Nero: よせよ バカ! 手遅れになる前に魔界化を止めたい

Dante: 確かに “扉”を閉じなきゃな


Vergil: 俺はまだ やれる だがこれ以上 魔界化が進めば 勝負の妨げになるな

Dante: お前にしちゃ いい返事だ 片付いたら 勝負の続きか

Vergil: 当然だ

Nero: どこ行く気だ?

Vergil: 魔界でクリフォトの根を断ち―― 閻魔刀(ヤマト)で“扉”を閉じる

Nero: 待てよ 戻る方法は?

Dante: 俺も行くさ 1人にしておけねえ

Nero: 何のために俺が…

Dante: 地上は任せるぜ お前がいるから行けるんだ

Vergil: 遅いぞ ダンテ

Dante: 分かってるって

Nero: おい 待てよ!

Dante: 元気でな ネロ… あばよ!

Vergil: 次は負けん それまで預ける

Nero: バカ野郎…

Vergil: I see.

Dante: Oh my God... Imagine having to gain more power by slashing your son's arm and STILL losing...

Nero: Stop it you idiots! I want to stop the demonization before it's too late!

Dante: Surely we have to close the "door".

Better do what he says, loser.

Vergil: I can still do it, but if the demon world progresses further, it will hinder the game.

Dante: It's a good answer to you.

Vergil: Of course...

Nero: Where are you going?

Vergil: To sever the roots of Qliphoth in the Demon Realm. Then close the "door" with Yamato

Nero: Wait. How do I get back?

Dante: I'll go too, don't leave me alone

Nero: Why did I...

Dante: I'll leave the ground to you, I can go because you're here.

Vergil: You're late Dante.

Dante: I know.

Nero: Hey wait!

Dante: Cheer up Nero... baby!

Vergil: Next time I won't lose.

Nero: You idiots…