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Morris Island

Port of Morris Island

Morris Island is a port town that suffered a fire that completely destroyed it 20 years ago. It is currently the home of Ernest and his wife Elise.

It is a normal town which is not very different from the others, being its only characteristic being a port town. However, there are ruins in it that serve as a door to the demonic world.


Incendio de Morris Island

Fire happened 20 years ago on Morris Island

20 years ago, on Morris Island, there was a great fire that it devastated all the town. Most of the inhabitants died, few survived. But later, some of the survivors testified that before the fire they were attacked by a horde of demons. But such a testimony did not come to be believed. Ernest, along with Tony and his mother were some of the survivors of the fire. However, both Tony and his mother were humiliated when they were accused of causing the fire, causing both to leave the town for these accusations.


Like many locations in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, it is unknown exactly where Morris Island is located. However, it is known that you can get to the island by traveling by train, as Dante does once he travels from his city to the town back and forth.


Its only appearance is in the eighth episode "Once Upon a Time" from the series.