Devil May CryEdit

"Griffon, you have failed me. You are no longer worthy!"
―Mundus killing Griffon[src]
"You too have failed me Trish. You know the rules..."
"Again, I must face a Sparda... Strange fate. Isn't it?"
"What is the matter? It is time to end your pitiful life now."
―Mundus about to kill Dante a second time[src]
"Those eyes... deep in them I see the same light as in Sparda's eyes."
"That useless being? If you need a mother, I can create it as many as you want. Just like, I created Trish."
"The Gate has been opened. Dante, you are not getting away THIS is where you will DIE."
"What is the matter? Here your powers are weak, HUMAN!"
"Dante, I will return... And I will rule this wwwoooorrlllddd..."
―Mundus's last words[src]
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