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The Needlegun is a unique marine firearm which appears in Devil May Cry. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires piercing needles. It is the only weapon that can be used underwater, but it cannot be equipped on dry land.[1] It is found in the hold of the Ghost Ship in Mission 12.


The Needlegun resembles the M249-E1, but with a major number of differences.


When Dante is swimming normally, the left stick will make Dante look about the room and the jump button will make him swim the direction he is facing. When holding the lock-on button, the left stick will instead make Dante drift slowly in the direction of the left stick, and pressing the jump button will make Dante "sidestep" in the direction of the left stick. The Needlegun can only be fired while holding the lock-on button; this can leave the player vulnerable to flanking enemies. The player does not get a crosshair to aim the Needlegun, but Dante will automatically lock onto targets in the general vicinity of the center of the screen to make combat easier.

In terms of combat, the Needlegun fires flachettes with a rather large hitbox. The underwater needles are highly potent of taking down a swimming Blade if the player gets a chance to fire uninterrupted. The player will need that damage output, as the underwater portion of levels put Dante at an inherent disadvantage in mobility, and the water also restricts the player from using Devil Trigger. If the player does the level without it, Dante will be forced to swim until they do acquire the gun.

In harder difficulties, the Needlegun does not lose as much of its power compared to other firearms, only taking a couple of extra shots to down enemies.

Other AppearanceEdit

  • The Needlegun appears in Capcom´s Dino Crisis II's underwater level. It is used by the scuba engineers in order to protect themselves from aquatic reptilians.



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