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She may have looked like Methuselah's grandmother, but she could juice up a squirt gun until it could take out an elephant.

Nell Goldstein is a character from the Devil May Cry novel by Shin-Ya Goikeda, known for her skill in creating custom weapons. She is the proprietor of the gunsmith shop ".45 Caliber Art Warks" and the adoptive grandmother of Nico.



At some point, Tony Redgrave, came into town and cleaned up the mercenary underworld. Nell developed a close relationship with him and constantly built him guns because they could never handle his trigger finger.

Devil May Cry (novel)[]

After Tony defeated and took Denvers' Mauser, he asked Nell to fix it up. She notes she would have to strip it down completely and that fixing it wasn't worth the cost. After some banter back and forth, she agrees to repair it for him. After Tony leaves she gazes at a photo of her son.

Over the coming weeks she customized the Mauser and built a companion piece for it. Tony gladly accepts both guns and gives her a stack of cash. On his way out, she warns him about Gilver and informs Tony that a man looking into Gilver's past turned up dead the night before, sliced from shoulder to hip.

Shortly after Tony leaves, Gilver enters Nell's shop and asks for the shotgun on the wall. She tells him she only sells pistols, but he rips the shotgun from the mount and inspects the firearm. The banaged man compliments Nell's work and drops a stack of bills. She asks him what he needs it for, and he tells her that it is for "something that takes the shape of a man but isn't one." As Gilver leaves, Nell is shocked by his shadow, as it did not resemble the man in the suit before her, but an armored knight.

A few days later, Tony visits Nell and they banter at about the terrible sandwitch she made for him. She chastises him over his mooching and for losing the guns she made him in the fire. Nell tells Tony that she heard about the hospital fire. She also tells him that she believes Gilver to not be human, and dangerous. Tony brushes off the warning as says the bandaged mercenary is a good partner and pesters the gunsmith about the new guns she is making him. Nell refuses to a tell him about them and gets back to tinkering with the firearms. Tony takes his leave knowing he won't get answers out of her.

A little while after Tony takes off, Nell's workshop explodes. Tony rushes into the burning building to find Nell nonchalantly working away on some guns. He urges her to leave the burning building but she disregards his pleas as young skidishness. She finally stops working, and shows Tony the components of her masterpieces. Two guns unlike any other, just for him. The old gunsmith tells him to assemble the guns to make them truely his. After he completes them, Nell tries to get up but collapses, having succumb to a deep slash in her back. Seeing visions of her son when looking at Tony, she struggles to speak to Rock. She eventually passes away in Tony's arms.

Nell's body amongst the burning building triggers Tony's memories and he remembers who he truly is: Dante. He swings Ebony and Ivory around until they feel like extensions of his body and kills demons who had been hiding in the fire. Dante promises Nell that he would use the guns well as rain puts out the fire.


Nell's masterpieces Ebony and Ivory proved vital in the defeat of Gilver soon after her death. They have also been used by Dante ever since then and have helped him land the final blow on many powerful demons, including demon kings.

Nell also inspired her adoptive granddaughter Nicoletta Goldstein to become a gunsmith and later, a weapon's artisan. She keeps one of Nell's guns, a custom British Webley top-break revolver, framed in the Devil May Cry RV. Nico would go on to create guns for Lady and more importantly, Devil Breakers for Nero to use after he lost his Devil Bringer. While serving as Nero's partner in the mobile Devil May Cry, Nico met Dante and crafted Dr. Faust for Dante during the Qliphoth incident.


Nell Goldstein is an extraordinary master gunsmith, Nell was able to craft one of her best masterpieces, Ebony & Ivory using spare parts from broken pistols. They were the only guns that could handle Dante's incredibly high rate of fire, which likened to that of a machine gun. They also handle demonically enhanced bullets with no adverse effect and have been shown to withstand strikes from Hell Pride's scythes and a suppressed sword strike from Modeus. Nico regards Nell's skills to be legendary.


  • The use of the ".45 Art Warks" is possibly a play off of an actual, unintentional typo created from a Japanese developer writing something in English. Rather than correct the mistake in future titles, Capcom may have decided to build off of it. The typo was, however, eventually fixed to "Art Works" in Devil May Cry 5.
    • Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare explains that "Art Warks" was written by a young Rock Goldstein, who made a medal for his mother with the misspelling. Nell would then honor her son by engraving it on to her weapons. When Dante comes to get his weapons tuned up, Rock notices the spelling and recognizes its origin, to which he then corrects it to "Art Works"
  • It is possible that Nell created Luce & Ombra, the dual pistols of the legendary Sparda, as they bear the same dedication engraving on their slides as Ebony & Ivory.