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Devil May Cry 4

Character - Nero
Young and fiery, Nero is a member of the Holy Knights, a group charged by the Order with the task of eliminating demon-kind. Always ready for a fight, Nero eschews the other members of his group to carry out his work alone. However, his innate powers have earned him the respect of everyone.[1]

Devil May Cry 5

Nico's Character Report - Nero

The proprietor of Devil May Cry, the finest mobile business to ever grace the streets of Fortuna.

Nero grew up as a holy knight in the Order of the Sword, but when demons started menacin' his lady love, Kyrie, he figured it was time to explore the devilish powers in his right arm. During the Fortuna incident, Nero discovered his connection to Yamato, the sword once wielded by Dante's brother...

The connection suggests that he's somehow got the blood of Sparda runnin' through his veins. Nero lost his arm a little after the Fortuna incident, but luckily he had yours truly to fix him up with some bitchin' hardware. Now he's back and stronger than ever.

He probably real grateful. Just too shy to say thank you. I get it.

One-Armed Nero
Restored Nero
Devil Trigger Nero


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