Devil May Cry 4Edit

Nero: I've never seen you before.
Gloria: (giggling) I'm new.
Nero meeting Gloria for the first time, Devil May Cry 4
"From that day forth... my arm changed... and a voice echoed, "Power. Give me more power!" And if I become a demon, so be it. I will endure the exile. Anything to protect her."
―Nero after his Devil Trigger activates for the first time[src]
"You know God, I always hated that you made my arm like this... But now with it, I can destroy this thing. Who would've thought... "
"Now I know... this hand was made for sending guys like you back to hell! And... now... you... DIE!!!"
―Nero finishing off Sanctus/The False Savior[src]

Devil May Cry 5Edit

"Yeah... okay, V... You're an interesting guy but you're right. I've got a score to settle with that son of a bitch."
"King? You? I don't know. I mean, you're a big guy and all, but you seem more like a knuckle-scrapping fart in the wind than anything else. No offense."
―Nero teasing Goliath[src]
"What? No chit-chat or monologue? Just getting right to the good point, huh?"
―Nero facing Artemis[src]
"Kyrie would kill me right now..."
"Oh, I get it... who brought the marshmallows? 'Cause I'm bringin' the fire."
―Nero taking out Red Queen[src]
"Well... Looks like this won't be a total waste of time after all. Hey, jackass! Didn't your mother ever teach you that's it's not nice to steal? Sorry, Dante... I'm baggin' this bitch!"
―Nero about to face Urizen[src]
"You listen, dead weight. I won't let you kill each other. There are other ways of settling your differences. I'm putting a stop to this sibling rivalry."
―Nero stopping the twins' quarrel[src]
"Without strength, you can't protect anything.... I know that."
―Nero, unknowingly repeating what his father once said[src]
"I couldn't protect Credo. To this day, I hate myself for not having enough strength. But this time is different. I swear! I'm not letting you die!"
―Nero, as he goes to stop the fight between Vergil and Dante[src]
"Fuck You!"
―Nero, as he unleashes his Devil Trigger against Vergil[src]
"So...devils cry, huh? Let's hear what that SOUNDS LIKE!"
Nero starts to wipe out the remaining devils[src]
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