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Nevan is a curious, guitar-like Devil Arm appearing in Devil May Cry 3 which originates from Nevan the Lightning Witch. Dante can control powerful electricity and bloodthirsty bats by jamming on Nevan, and its sickle attack is deadly.[1] It is described as being "charged from the heavens".[2]


Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

Dante receives the Nevan after defeating its namesake guardian, with Dante using his new weapon in a brief concert he performs on the stage in Nevan's lair.

Devil May Cry Drama CD Vol.1[]

Nevan is one of many of Dante's Devil Arms given to Enzo Ferino as part of his collection for his Devil Arms shop, the Nevan and many of Dante's other weapons serving as collateral for Dante's debts to his former partner. Dante briefly reclaims ownership of the Nevan as part of a trap to lure a demon collecting Devil Arms out, but ultimately returns the weapons to Enzo.

Appearance and Description[]


Dante Acquires Nevan

Dante acquires Nevan, after defeating her.

Nevan consists of two forms in one. It is a purple, one neck guitar with many electric strings and some skeletal-looking features. It hides or cloaks a three pronged scythe underneath, which is basically folded into it (The scythe itself can also fold backwards, as seen when Dante performs "Distortion"). Also, it can use a pack of bats and electricity that will support the guitar, either firing off as a similar function to mid-ranged bullets, or in defensive purposes surround as a protective wall for the user.


Nevan plays completely different than any other Devil Arm in Dante's arsenal as it is quite complex and methodical to use in battle, requiring a plethora of skill and understanding of its mechanics to use properly.

Rather than physically attack outright, Nevan's main feature is to summon multiple projectiles, and to boast attacks with wide fields of effect, making it a mix between a projectile and a melee weapon. These attacks by Nevan are intricate and consist of two unique types: "Playing Attacks," and "Regular Attacks."

  • "Playing Attacks" are performed by playing Nevan's strings, utilizing performance to generate electricity and summon bats. The execution methods vary, normal ground based attacks requires Dante to setup and play to charge, requiring a small delay for startup and a need for space before enemies can attack, with others executing instantaneously.
    • When Dante plays a riff, bats are gradually summoned around him as a cluster field. As the numbers of bats grow, the field can also act as a defensive surrounding, able to fend off Enigma arrows and overwhelm any targets that come near him. When the riff completes, the bats will move directly towards the nearest or directed target, acting as a head on barrage or a wide spread swarm.
    • Every end chord that Dante plays generates a sound blast, which distorts the space around him, and will inflict damage on opponents within range. For most attacks, like "Nevan Combo I & II" and "Reverb Shock," the sound blast is extremely focused and secondarily releases the bats to attack the opponent. Other attacks like "Nevan Combo III," "Jam Session," and "Crazy Roll," will devastate opponents all around Dante. Some attacks, such as "Bat Riff", do not have en end chord.
  • Regular Attacks are straightforward, dealing damage with the weapon itself. Attacks such as "Tune-up," "Slash," and "Feedback" are examples of such attacks; in addition, all boast wide ranges that will target multiple close targets at once, and deal moderately high damage.

While Nevan's attacks are potentially damaging, summoned bats do not boast much stopping power alone, requiring full power through focused barrages. Any sort of true melee and stopping power is only found in the sound blast fields and physical attacks. While Nevan's scythe based attacks are deadly to its namesake, such heavy hitting capabilities near and far only come through when nearly all abilities from the Goddess Statues are purchased, the Swordmaster Style is selected, and use of the style is mastered.

Because of its limited capabilities for chaining direct melee damage and limitations by Styles and Abilities, it is difficult to raise the Stylish Rank with the Nevan on Combat Adjudicators on its most minimal settings, which makes it boast lower Style rankings than Adjudicators for Dante's other weapons. In actual battle, the weapon works as a ranged crowd control weapon, heavy hitter, and gradual destroyer of many speeds, with its bat swarms responsible for chaining to the Stylish Rank and direct melee hits adding bigger boosts in return.

Nevan works really well with Royalguard style. Since you can chain multiple Reverb Shocks by blocking immediately after the guitar sound. Thus canceling its cooldown. At level 2 it can result in one of the highest DPS in the game, easily taking down lesser demons in Dante Must Die difficulty.

Also, Nevan's Devil Trigger Side-effect dramatically boosts your health regeneration, filling up to 1/4 of a Maxed-out health bar. (1/2 of a regular health bar)


Devil May Cry 3[]

Action Command Description
Tune-up Button ps4 triangle (ground) Special stance used to link into certain combo attacks. The striking motion before reaching this stance will strike enemies to the front-right of the player.
Nevan Combo I Button ps4 triangle (Hold while in Tune-up) Send a flurry of bats and powerful lightning towards a targeted enemy. Flurries and lightning clouds hit the target in a staggered pattern, allowing the remaining bats and lightning to protect the player from ranged attacks.
Nevan Combo II Button ps4 ls-left+Button ps4 triangle (Tune-up) Attack the enemy using multiple bat strikes.
Jam Session Crazy Nevan Combo II Strum your guitar with blinding speeds, summoning a massive horde of blood-thirsty bats to attack enemies all around the player.
Nevan Combo III Button ps4 ls-right+Button ps4 triangle (Tune-up) Attack enemies with successive high-energy lightning blasts.
Air Play Button ps4 triangle (mid-air) Jam on your guitar while in mid-air to summon a swarm of blood-thirsty bats.
Reverb Shock Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-up+Button ps4 triangle DMC3 Red Orb7500
Charge at the enemy and hit them with a powerful electric attack.
Level 2 (DMC3 Red Orb15000) fires an electric attack in conjunction with summoning a horde of bats to damage the enemy.
Bat Rift Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-down+Button ps4 triangle Swing your guitar in a massive arc pattern, slashing a nearby enemy.
Level 2 (DMC3 Red Orb10000) knocks the enemy into the air, then summons a swarm of blood-thirsty bats, which do additional damage via a homing attack.
Air Raid Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 cross (mid-air, Devil Trigger) DMC3 Red Orb20000
After transforming into Demon form, you can spread out your ultra-powerful demon wings to float in the air for a limited time.
Thunder Bolt Button ps4 square (Air Raid) Cook the enemy with electrified arrows while floating in the air.
Vortex Button ps4 triangle (Air Raid) Perform a charge spin-attack from the air while in free-floating form.
Volume Up DMC3 Red Orb20000
Increase the speed at which you summon bats with this sweet, sweet melody. This is a passive ability that is always on.

Action Command Description
Level 1
Slash Button ps4 circle (ground) Transform the guitar into a scythe and slash at enemies on the ground.
Air Slash Button ps4 circle (mid-air) Attack enemies from mid-air with the reaper guitar in this aerial version of the classic Slash maneuver.
Level 2
Feedback Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-up+Button ps4 circle Whirl your guitar around your body to hit any enemy in the immediate vicinity.
Crazy Roll Crazy Feedback Generate electricity while rocking forward into unsuspecting enemies.
Level 3
Distortion Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-down+Button ps4 circle Master the awesome power of nature by attacking enemies with a barrage of bats coupled with blasts of lightning.



  • When Dante acquires Nevan, he plays a short yet intense version of "Taste The Blood" on stage and with concert outfittings in the Sunken Opera House.
  • Air slash reuses Trish's underwater rave animation from Devil May Cry 2.
  • Dante wields Nevan as one of his weapons in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.[3] He is able to perform Jam Session, Air Play and Reverb Shock as normal special attacks, though Air Raid, Thunderbolt, and Vortex become available when Dante activates the Devil Trigger Hyper Combo.
    • Dante also uses Nevan in Project X Zone and Project X Zone 2, using the move Distortion. It is the only Devil Arm other than Rebellion and Yamato to be used in the series. Force Edge makes a cameo in the titular Devil May Cry Shop, but is not used.
  • Nevan is also one of the weapons that came with the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Dante figure, along with Ebony & Ivory and Rebellion.
  • There is one hidden alternative ability or "Glitch" of Nevan, if you use Slash, then fire off bats/electricity, and do this many times in a rhythmic motion, you can endlessly hover similar to Air Raid, however, it is slower.
  • Pre-release and development screenshots originally shown Nevan instead generated arcing and homing beams of electricity, rather than its signature attacks of lightning bat clusters.
  • In the mobile game Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, Dante not only wields Nevan similarly to how he wields it in Devil May Cry 3, he also utilizes it the same way as his reboot counterpart wields Osiris.


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