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Nightmare is one of V's familiars. It is a manifestation of Nelo Angelo's memories of the original Nightmare.


Nightmare is a gargantuan pitch-black golem, roughly humanoid in shape but without a distinct head, and bulbous spiked hands resembling tree roots. Its body is comprised of a demonic fluid with some solid metallic plating: this fluid expands and contracts into Nightmare's body in a manner similar to breathing. Nightmare's most notable feature is its glowing purple core, located at the base of where its neck would be. While not summoned, Nightmare appears as black coloration in V's hair and as tattoos on his body.

Unlike the other two familiars, Nightmare can only be summoned by activating V's Devil Trigger, and will remain in battle until the DT gauge empties or V manually dismisses it by deactivating DT. Also unlike the other two familiars, Nightmare is capable of killing enemies without any need for V to finish them.


Like the original Nightmare, V's Familiar Nightmare appears to be an automaton designed purely for combat, and exhibits no meaningful personality traits beyond its incredible capacity for destruction and instinct to protect V at any cost. In Nico's reports, she considers Nightmare to be mindless. The only thing it seems to understand is not to attack its master or fellow Familiars, and unless V is riding on it, it does not respond to orders and acts according its own intuition.

Nightmare acts as a kind of focal point for the three familiars: when it is summoned, the other two are restored if they are in Stalemate, and in the final battle against the three familiars Nightmare is shown to be capable of channeling its power to revive Griffon and Shadow. It is only with Nightmare's defeat that the three are vanquished.

Though loyal to both V and Vergil, all three familiars recognize their continued existence will only bring him pain. They intercept Dante, with Griffon claiming that they want to kill him themselves, though in truth they simply wish to die by his hand. Nightmare only participates in the last of these battles.


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V can unleash his full power to call upon this gargantuan demon.
When summoned, Nightmare may crash onto the battlefield like a meteorite, or burst through parts of the environment to heed the call. Its sluggish movements belie unsurpassable strength and nigh-invulnerability. Wherever Nightmare appears, its massive fists or brutal laser beams are the last thing enemies ever see.
Nico's Character Report - Nightmare
The last of V's demon helpers.
Unlike the other two, doesn't seem like this thing thinks for itself. Near as I can make out, it's only got three purposes: destruction, destruction, and destruction.
Also unlike V's other two helpers, I'm not seein' any references to a demon like this one in any of the old Order of the Sword texts. What does that mean? That not even the Order knew this thing existed?


Action Command Description
NightmarePressB l1Expend your demonic power to summon Nightmare, a beast from the Underworld. Nightmare attacks enemies automatically, depleting your DT Gauge while summoned. Your defense is increased while Nightmare is active.
PromotionWhile Nightmare is active, pressB l1+B c, orB x in the air near Nightmare to mount. PressB l1+B x orB x in the air to dismountRide atop the demonic beast Nightmare.
Nightmare Combo ADuring Promotion: While on the ground, pressB cB cB cNightmare unleashes a brutal flurry of punches at the enemy.
Nightmare Combo BDuring Promotion: While on the ground, PressB cB c, then tapB c repeatedlyA new combo for Nightmare, spreading his powerful blows across a wider area.
DominationHoldB c during Illegal MoveNightmare fires a thick laser straight ahead. Use L joystick to adjust the angle slightly.
StrongpointDuring Promotion: While on the ground, pressB r1 + L joystick forward +B c Nightmare's sweeping laser strike that burns enemies over a wide area.
Critical PositionDuring Promotion: After Strongpoint is activated, press and holdB cNightmare's sweeps a laser attack from ground to sky.
DesperadoDuring Promotion: In mid-air, pressB cNightmare swings down both fists for a hearty ground slam.
Illegal MoveDuring Promotion: While on the ground, pressB r1 + L joystick back to forward (or forward twice)Nightmare moves instantly towards the target.


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  • Nightmare's theme (Psycho Machine) when Dante fights him in Mission 18 is a remix of Nightmare's theme (MENTAL MACHINE) in Devil May Cry.
  • The Nightmare familiar bears a greater resemblance to the Shadow Devil from the Mega Man franchise than the original Nightmare. 

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