Nobodies are a powerful class of enemies encountered late in Devil May Cry. They can change their size in battle to deal more damage, and being around them depletes the Devil Trigger gauge,[1] making them even more difficult to kill. Their moves and sound effects are very ape-like.


Nobodies are strange, large, "living toxins" that don't even have a real name.[2] 'Jackels' of the underworld, they are despised even by Mundus and deemed unworthy of a title. They look almost humanoid, but they often walk on all fours and have a grotesque arm growing out of their backs.[3] Nobodies have unique abilities to go with their looks. They are able to perform a dance that drains away Dante's Devil Trigger gauge, knock opponents back with a devastating leap attack,[4] and wear a mask that can increase their size.[5] When giant, they are able to produce a packed "eyeball" full of the same toxin that the Nobody is composed of.[6] They can throw this "eyeball," which will explode on contact, to damage far away enemies.[7] When they are killed, the Nobody's body will begin to deteriorate and explode, damaging whoever stands too close.[8]


Nobodies are tough opponents, especially in groups. When small, they're not much of a problem as their attacks are fairly weak, but since their attacks stun or knock Dante back, they can set you up for more powerful hits from larger Nobodies. The safest bet is to keep moving. Stinger really becomes your best friend against these guys, as attacking it with a normal combo usually elicits a powerful counter from the large Nobodies. Hitting it with High Time or the Grenadegun is also helpful, as they can't counter when knocked upright. Run around behind them and use some more Stingers. When using Ifrit, Kick13 should be your move of choice, replacing Stinger. If you have sufficient Devil Trigger, you can use Air Raid with Alastor, which will either kill them or at least shrink them.


While the Enemy File provides an in-story explanation for their name, there is also a possible allusion to Homer's Odyssey. In the poem, when Odysseus and his crew are confronted with the Cyclops Polyphemus demanding to know his name, the Ithacan king tells him he is known as "Nobody". Later as part of Odysseus's escape plan, the crew blinds Polyphemus while passed out from excessive drinking in which he screams out to fellow neighboring cyclopes that "Friends, Nobody is murdering me by craft" who ignore him in indifference allowing Odysseus and his surviving crew members to escape to their ship and sail away.

Alternately, their nature hearkens as an imagined combination of a Zombie, a Licker, and a G-Mutant from the sibling Capcom survival horror series Resident Evil, with feral tendencies and the hypermetabolism of Zombies, the crawling and animalistic nature of Lickers, and the bizarre anatomies of G-Mutants.


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