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Sugimura Noboru

Noboru Sugimura

Noboru Sugimura (杉村 升, Sugimura Noboru?), June 28, 1948 – February 25, 2005, was a Japanese television and video game writer best known for his work on the Metal Hero, Super Sentai, Resident Evil and Onimusha series.

Sugimura died in 2005. Yoshiki Okamoto, who meanwhile founded Game Republic, said: "He was an extremely energetic person, and I thought that he would live a lot longer than me. [...] I had recently asked him to do a new script for an upcoming game from Game Republic and I was looking forward to working with him again".

Role in the Devil May Cry series[]

Sugimura wrote the scenario for the Biohazard 4/Resident Evil 4 game for PlayStation 2 which would become Devil May Cry. After the change of setting the scenario was rewritten by Hideki Kamiya. Sugimura got the Special Thanks in the released game's credits.


He had studied under Ei Ogawa, one of the main writers of the Japanese crime drama TV series Taiyō ni Hoero! that Sugimura was hired for in 1975 as well, marking his first job as a scenarist.[1] Starting his own business, he went on to become the main writer of Sukeban Deka and the Metal Hero Series, and later created scenarios for Seibu Keisatsu, Lupin III Part IIHadaka no Taishō and Kamen Rider Black.[1]

A great fan of Shinji Mikami's Resident Evil, Sugimura became involved with Capcom when he was introduced to Yoshiki Okamoto during the production of Resident Evil 2.[2] Initially consulted on a trial basis, he ended up writing the complete story for the game and, together with Okamoto and two others, co-founded the now-defunct Capcom writers studio Flagship in April 1997 and would later work on other Capcom titles such as Clock Tower 3 and the first three main installments of the Onimusha series.[3]