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Noctpteran (Ancient Greek: "Night wing") is a boss fought in Devil May Cry 2 by Dante in Mission 10 and Lucia in Mission 6. It is likely Lucia who encountered it first, as Arius summons Furiataurus to fight Dante not long after sending Lucia to Noctpteran's lair in the Demon world. After the battle with both characters, the demonic moth is presumed dead. In the Devil May Cry HD Collection, the player will achieve the award "That's A Big Mother..." for defeating Noctpteran.


DMC2 Noctpteran 2 Artbook Scan

Face close-up

Noctpteran is a giant mesmerizing moth which dwells in the Demon World[1] and makes its home underground. It has a human-like head and golden wings, and constantly lays eggs that hatch into Larva. Its spore has the power to paralyze enemies, and its wings are strong enough to push an unaware human from a great distance.


Larva hatch from every egg laid by Nocpteran during the fight. The only way to stop the continual birth of these beasts is to defeat their mother as quickly as possible. Even after the moth is defeated, the remaining Larvae will continue to strike. They will hide underground to wait for their prey, but will also emerge to the surface to attack.[2]


Noctpteran doesn't attack directly, but it will continue to lay eggs that hatch into Larvas, which will attack. Taking out Noctpteran quickly will reduce the number of Larva spawned.



DMCA 01 MothDemon Moth

The demonic moth in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series.


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