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Mission 03:Not Love is the third episode of the Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. It aired on June 28, 2007.

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A woman, Angelina, is running home to make the curfew laid out by her father when she trips while going down some stairs, spraining her ankle in the process. A mysterious man then shows up and heals her ankle. When asked his name, he introduces himself as Bradley. The two of them then proceed to go on a date some unknown time later.

At Angelina's house, her father, mayor Mike Hagel, forbids her from seeing Bradley anymore and locks her in her room, saying she can leave once she promises not to see Bradley anymore. He then leaves the key with the butler, telling him he's in charge of her while Angelina cries in her room.

Meanwhile, at the Devil May Cry shop, Patty is trying to fix an old TV so she can watch her show. Dante has little sympathy for her missing her show as he says her racket is interrupting his nap. When asked why Dante doesn't just buy a new TV, Dante tells Patty that he has a devil woman who's taking all his money and an agent who gives him jobs that don't pay. Morrison arrives just in time to refute the claim. Patty asks him to fix the TV, but before he can agree or disagree, Dante says he'll take the job Morrison has no doubt shown up with on the condition he can nap in Morrison's car.

Back at Angelina's house, Angelina witnesses Dante and Morrison arrive through the window in her room. A maid then comes in and tells her that her dinner is ready, but Angelina refuses to eat. Downstairs, Mike Hagel tells Dante that he wants Dante to kill Bradley. He explains that he thinks Bradley is going to take his daughter away from him. Morrison then tells Dante that there's a killer on the loose somewhere in Capulet City, and it appears that the killer is a demon. The mayor further explains that the murders started around the time that Bradley showed up. Dante is skeptical of the idea that Bradley is a demon, but the mayor claims that he saw Bradley use demonic powers to revive a flower once, proving that he is one. He then begs Dante once again to kill Bradley. Angelina, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation after leaving the dining room she’d been eating in, runs off to warn Bradley. When Angelina finds Bradley, she begs him to run away with her so that he won't be killed. After hearing that Angelina's father wants to kill him because he suspects him of being a demon, Bradley tells her to go home because he doesn't want her getting wrapped up in his business.

In a bar somewhere in Capulet City, Bradley is reading a book when Dante, who had been trailing him in Morrison's car, enters. Dante sits down and orders a beer and a pizza with no olives before engaging in conversation with Bradley. Meanwhile, Angelina returns home, where her father slaps her for running away. Back at the bar, Dante inquires as to the nature of Bradley's book. It's a romance novel, which causes them to briefly discuss how powerful love can be. Dante then proposes a toast before asking where Bradley is from. Bradley remains silent and excuses himself right as Dante's pizza arrives, which has olives, much to his displeasure.

Bradley walks into an alleyway not far from the bar and is met by a demon. The demon informs Bradley that a portal will be opening tonight and bemoans having to leave the human world. This leads Bradley to conclude that this demon is the one responsible for all the mysterious murders that have been taking place. The demon confirms this, but their conversation is interrupted when Dante throws his now empty pizza plate that he brought from the bar at the demon. The demon attacks Dante, but Dante deals with the attacks with no issue, causing the demon to retreat. Bradley then reveals that he knew who Dante was all along as he's heard about him during his month-long stay in the human world. With the confirmation that Bradley is a demon, Dante pulls Ivory on him and asks if Bradley has any objections to dying then. Bradley states that he never intended to run away from Dante but wishes to ask Dante one thing before he kills him. He asks Dante if he thinks Sparda and Eva were actually in love. Dante tells Bradley that he isn't sure, as people who look like they're in love can have ice in their hearts instead. However, he feels that his parents truly did love each other. Satisfied with the answer, Bradley accepts his death, but instead of killing him, Dante kills the demon that had retreated earlier, as it was preparing to attack Dante from above.

Now at the spot Bradley usually meets Angelina at, Dante comments on how he's surprised that Bradley hasn't tried to attack him. Bradley states that he knows that he can't defeat Dante, even if he is a demon, which leads Dante to call him a wimp. Bradley then reveals that a human summoned him to pave the way for his master, Belphagor, who will destroy the city tonight. When Dante asks why he's telling him all this, Bradley says that maybe it's because he wants Dante to stop Belphagor as Angelina's kindness is a welcome change to the cruelty he faced in the demon world and because he's not powerful enough to stop Belphagor himself. Dante then tells Bradley that if he really loves Angelina that much, he'll be able to live as a human in the human world and requests to be brought to where Belphagor is being summoned.

At the Hagels’ house, the butler stabs Mike to use him as a sacrifice to summon Balphagor. Angelina hears the commotion from her room, which prompts her to use a small table to break the lock on her door so she can run to her father's aid. The butler attempts to attack Angelina but is stopped by Dante before he can harm her. Bradley runs to Mike's aid and drags him to safety, but he and Dante are too late to stop Belphagor's summoning from starting. However, Dante manages to stop Belphagor from fully entering the human world with ease. With the danger gone, Bradley heals Mike despite Mike claiming it won't change his opinion of him. Dante then leaves, stating that he won't kill Bradley since he understands love, which means that he can live as a human, and Dante only kills true demons.

Back at the Devil May Cry shop, Morrison is helping Patty repair the old TV she had been working on while Dante looks at a picture and letter Bradley and Angelina sent him. Morrison reveals that the couple managed to get Angelina's dad's approval before complaining about having to repair the TV since Dante turned down the money for the job, meaning he can't buy a new one. With the TV now fixed and the repair cost added to Dante's debt, Morrison leaves, saying that Dante will never pay off his debt like this. Patty then points out that, despite normally being irritated when he's not paid for a job, Dante seems happy with the outcome.


  • This is the first of four episodes that Bingo Morihashi wrote for the anime.
  • In the Subbed version of the episode, Bradley's name is always stated as "Brad", while the Dub's version uses "Bradley" primarily, with Brad only being a nickname Angelina uses.
  • Dante states that his record for eating a large pizza is 5 minutes.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Dante references his first meetings with Trish and Lady, saying that his bad luck with women results in things like getting a sword through the stomach or shot in the forehead.