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Similarly to the classic series, in DmC: Devil May Cry, Orbs are a collectible are used for a variety of purposes. The different types of stones are demarcated by their color, which reflects their purpose and origin. While in the numbered series (with exception of Devil May Cry 5) Orbs look like agonized faces, the Orbs of DmC: Devil May Cry resemble colored skulls.

Red Orb[]

Red orb DmC

Red orbs in DmC

The Red Orbs return as the currency for purchasing items. They can be collected by killing demons, destroying objects in the world, and shooting down Critters. Depending on the player's Style grade upon an enemy's defeat, more Red Orbs can be earned. Similar to Devil May Cry 4, but unlike most of the original series, the red orbs in DmC can only be used to purchase items, but not abilities.

White Orb[]

White orb DmC

White orbs in DmC

White Orbs, instead of restoring DT gauge like in classic series, instead serve a purpose very similar to Proud Souls and are used to purchase upgrades. They work differently than normal Orbs, though, requiring Dante to earn up enough of them to count towards one upgrade, acting like a subunit of a larger "Upgrade Point" currency. White Orbs are collected upon an enemy's defeat, and also earned at the end of a Mission, the amount gained depending on your Mission score.

Green Orb[]

Green Orb DmC

Green Orb in DmC

Green Orbs have the same function in DmC: Devil May Cry as in classic series: they replenish Dante's or Vergil's health. They can be acquired by defeating certain enemies and by destroying green slug-like creatures attached to walls.

Purple Orb[]

Purple Orbs in DmC: Devil May Cry serve the same purpose as White Orbs in classic series, and instantly refill Dante's magic meter when collected. In order to permanently upgrade the DT gauge, Devil Trigger Crosses are used instead.

Although rare, Purple Orbs can be earned for defeating certain enemies, and by smashing objects in the world.

Gold Orb[]

Gold orb DmC

Gold orbs in DmC

The Gold Orb is a special item that revives Dante upon death, right in the spot where he fell, giving him full Vitality in the process. Only three can be held at a time. These orbs can only be acquired in mission 1 and by purchasing them from the shop.